Why florist? (In English)

Everyone of us has had dream career. I found in my stock my primary school friend book. Everyone of them said my dream career was a waitress. (Now waiters don't get mad.) I laughed my ass off, because I thought there was going to be something marvelous like: animal doctor, pop-singer or at least a princess.

Waitress I've never been and in junior high school I was sure that I was going to be upholsterer, following my moms steps. Sewing hobby stayed there, because we didn't get a textile crafts group in the ninth grade. When we talked with the adviser, what I wanna study after junior high school. I was so confused that I didn't know what to say. I decided to spend one year off from studying. My adviser was terrified. He said I'd not get studying motivation after being lazy one year. Well the opposite happened. (Greetings to the adviser.)

But what made me go to gardening school, till I became florist? My mom told me a real story, when me and my sister were just little girls. My big sister's "Topi" guinea pig just died, and we had to arrange funerals. When other's were singing, while holding their tears, I was yelling full of joy: "Yay flowers! Lets pick flowers to the grave!" I wonder did the hidden florist in me raise her head? -I wonder not.

Being honest though: thought of my career must have come in junior high school in TET-period. I did some research: gardener's examination would be a great start to become a florist. So I applied to the school. Gardener's studies made me fall into the beautiful world of plants. Getting more close to graduating I was more sure, that I wanna specialize to floristry. And that's exactly what I did. Like in old Chinese proverb says: "If you wanna be happy forever, start gardening!." My own add to it; "...but being a florist isn't bad either."
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